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Jacek Dolata Photography Lessons in 2014!


I'm offering customized photography lessons and classes for digital cameras and more advanced (DSLR) users in Northwestern, Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.


I will help and assist you of buying your Digital Camera, which fits your needs and your budget.


I prepared several different classes:

1. Customized class so you can learn how to photograph your subject of interest.

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2.  Introduction to Digital Photography

·         Get to know your camera

·         White Balance - How to balance the light as WE see it.

·         Aperture - How to blur the background in your images

·         ISO – what is ISO and how its affect our photographs?

·         Shutter Speed – “FREEZE” your subjects’ no more blurry pictures!

·         Understanding sensors

·         Focusing – Manual vs. Auto Focus techniques: One Shot, AI Servo, AI Focus

·         Understanding in Camera Light Metering: Evaluative, Partial, Spot and Center Weight



3.  Digital Photography

·         Lenses – we will review different types of lenses and their best use

·         Shooting Modes – WE will go beyond the “AUTO” and P  ”Professional” MODE,

         Av, Tv, Manual, Bulb

·         RAW Files vs. JPEG - Learn and understand the difference

·         Using Flash – BASIC introduction and understanding to flash photography

·         Composition - Rule of Thirds How to tell a story with your photos.

·         Understanding Exposure

·         Filters and their use (Circular Polarizer – the most useful filter of all)


4.  Introduction to Digital Darkroom

·        Basic Editing and Post Processing Introduction to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

·        Printing prepare to print, resizing for web and print

·        Back-up and storage digital files

The class is divided in 3 section:

1.   We Talk what we will learn

2.   We Take Photos

3.   We Talk what we learned



The courses are about four hours, plus a telephone conversation or two beforehand about what matters to you, so the course can be customized.

Sessions start and end in most convenient location, which will make you, feel relax, comfortable so you can stay focus. It can be a coffee shop, bookstore etc. I will prepare reading material of the topics that I will be cover to help you remember what you learned.


If you have a Question Please feel free to ask , No Obligation!

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